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Singletary Still Fuming at Referees



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    49ers coach Mike Singletary is less than pleased with the officiating.

    49er coach Mike Singletary has had children in college for a couple years, but now he's really completing his transformation into a typical old guy.

    When Mike Singletary gets mad, he writes angry letters to somebody about it.

    Singletary is still furious about two pass interference non-calls in Sunday's loss to the Seahawks. He framed the poor officiating in epic historical terms, and swore he would write a letter in classic angry old man fashion.

    "Every week we send a letter to the league about different calls that are made, or not made," Singletary told the San Francisco Chronicle. "This week there will be several paragraphs going to the league. ... Obviously, there were bad calls made (Sunday). There were a few more than I have witnessed maybe since I've been in the league."

    Since he's been in the league? Singletary has been in the league since 1981, a span of 28 years. Was this the most poorly-officiated game in the last 28 years?

    It may or may not have been. But this outburst will probably earn Mike Singletary his biggest fine he's received in 28 years.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who feels that writing letters is not as effective as tossing beer bottles at the officials.