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Walnut Creek Man Wins Jed York Ticket to Super Bowl



    Terry White of Walnut Creek has been to the Super Bowl five times. Thanks to Jed York, he'll go a sixth. George Kiriyama reports. (Published Monday, Jan. 28, 2013)

    There's no doubt when you walk into Terry White's Walnut Creek home that he's a diehard San Francisco 49ers fan.

    The first thing that catches your eye is the classic gold jacket draped over a chair.
    Yes, it's the one they don't make any more. Walk to his refrigerator and you'll see a Piatti's restaurant napkin with a magnet holding it up. It's autographed by none other than the legendary coach Bill Walsh. He has newspapers from every 49er Super Bowl win.

    "This is the one against Denver," White said as he leafed through a newspaper stack of memorable moments. Every front page from every Super Bowl win. But White will then show you the programs from each Super Bowl. And a picture of five of his buddies all decked out in red and gold.

    You see, White has been to all five Niner Super Bowls. And it's clear five is not enough.

    "I gotta go. I gotta go."

    Make it Super Bowl Number Six for this longtime fan. But this time he's getting free tickets from 49ers CEO Jed York. White received an e-mail from York on Saturday.

    "I thought it was totally fake. Because it was sent on his iPhone. I looked at this e-mail and it said Jed York and I said you gotta be kidding me," White said.

     But it was no joke. This e-mail was the real deal. Jed York wanted to give two Super Bowl tickets to a loyal fan who had a great story. White can thank an SF Gate article that talked about his five previous Super Bowl trips.

    "People were telling Jed York we gotta get this guy a ticket, he's good luck you know," White said. "Five Super Bowls. Five wins."

    White has been to New Orleans before. Super Bowl XXIV in January 1990 when the Niners crushed the Denver Broncos 55-10.

    "That's a mad house. It's just wall to wall people on Bourbon Street," White remembered.

    Just to think, White was planning to watch the game at home. But now he's headed to the Big Easy with his friend's nephew, hoping to witness another great win.

    "To go to six. I'm just totally blessed. I'm still kind of in shock to tell you the truth. I just didn't think it was going to happen," White said.