Bochy Adamantly Denies Lincecum-Posey Feud

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In case you missed it, Buster Posey didn't catch Tim Lincecum on Friday night during the San Francisco Giants win over the Phillies.

Some speculation had emerged, via a tweet from a national baseball writer, that there was a rift between Lincecum and Posey. Asked about that before Friday's game, Bochy was quite adamant that no such feud exists.

“That is completely false – completely false,” Bochy told reporters. “Timmy doesn’t care who he throws to, and it’s my call when I want to get Buster a break.”

It shouldn't be surprising -- at all -- that Bochy is giving Posey breaks.

“(Posey) wasn’t going to catch all three, I wanted to give him a breather, and to be honest, Timmy can be hard on a catcher,” Bochy said. “He can beat you up pretty good, and I didn’t want Buster to be in another tough game after catching on hot weather (Thursday).

“And that’s the truth. It’s totally my decision here.”

The hardest part about Hector Sanchez going on the disabled list was a concern that Posey would need to catch more often. Eli Whiteside solves that problem, except he creates a new one by removing his bat from the lineup.

Not that Brandon Belt's been killing the ball lately, but he's clearly a better solution (when combined with Posey behind the plate) than Posey at first base and Whiteside catching.

That being said, if Whiteside catching causes Lincecum to keep pitching like he has the last two starts, who cares about whatever rumored feud's going on, or what kind of offense the lineup is generating. Get Timmy right -- whatever it takes -- and go from there.

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