Brian Wilson Doesn't Fear Cholesterol

Tim Lincecum's weapon of choice when trying to put himself into a self-induced food coma is three double doubles, two fries and a chocolate-strawberry shake at In-N-Out Burger.

So what does his equally talented, yet usually quirkier, fellow pitcher, Brian Wilson, eat to get going in the morning?

The All-Star pitcher says while he enjoys eating at "14-star" restaurant Gary Dankos, he also enjoy to dabble in the kitchen.

“I'm an adequate cook," he recently told ESPN, according to Food & Wine. "I'm not preparing a five course meal, but I can cook the things I want.'

And what is the weapon of choice game day morning for Mr. Wilson?

"For breakfast I'll usually make an eight egg-white omelette with bell peppers, shredded cheese, and slices or ham and turkey ripped up," he said. "I probably eat between 54 and 60 eggs a week."

So that's what keeps that thick black coat of a beard so shiny.

[Via Inside Scoop]

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