Bryan Stow Now Part of Dodger Bankruptcy

Bryan Stow's parents have been named to the creditors committee in the Los Angeles Dodgers' bankruptcy case, according to AP.

Stow is the San Francisco Giants fan who was brutally beaten at Dodger Stadium on Opening Day

His parents, Elizabeth and David Stow, sued the team claiming they are responsible for his injuries because of a lack of security and parking lot lights.

Because of the possible huge pay out of that lawsuit, the Stows were appointed to the creditors committee Wednesday as conservators on his behalf, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Stows are one of five members of the committee who represent the team's unsecured creditors. Other entities of the group are the MLB Players Assoc., KABC Radio, AVM Systems and Pyro Events Inc.

Players are sure to be a big part of the legal fight. The Wall Street Journal said a lawyer representing Manny Ramirez and Andruw Jones was on hand Wednesday making the case his clients are due millions in back pay.
The Dodgers filed for bankruptcy protection last month, blaming a cash-flow crisis on MLB's refusal to approve a multibillion-dollar TV deal. Owner Frank McCourt needed the deal in order to keep the franchise out of the red.

As for Bryan Stow - his condition remains serious. His family said he is responding to some commands. They also said that pitcher Jeremy Affedlt stopped by to see Stow this week during the All-Star break.


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