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Warriors' Draymond Green Reveals Desire to Retire From NBA in 10 Years



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    Alex Didion
    Warriors' Draymond Green reveals desire to retire from NBA in 10 years

    For Warriors star Draymond Green, this offseason has been all about the Benjamins.

    First, Green agreed to a four-year, $100 million contract extension with Golden State, keeping the three-time All-Star from potentially entering free agency in 2020.

    Then last week, one of Green's first investments -- Smile Direct Club -- went public on the stock market and went from a $150 million valuation to a $9 billion valuation. Draymond told Forbes that his investment is now worth 40 times what it was initially.

    Green was recently asked about his future plans after basketball, and the 29-year-old has no desire to slow down his money-making moves.

    "Ten years from now I'd like to be retired from the NBA, engaged in a number of business ventures," Green told Inc.com. "And well on my way to my goal of becoming a billionaire."

    Even with seven NBA seasons under his belt, Green has played an average of almost 94 games a season, including both the regular-season and postseason play. At that rate, he would end up amassing 1,593 games played for his career if he played 10 more NBA seasons, placing him second on the NBA's all-time games played list behind Robert Parish. 

    However, Green lost over 20 pounds during the 2018-19 season and took his game to a new level in the postseason, and with today's modern technology, players are staying fresh longer than ever before. 

    I mean Vince Carter is still lacing up his sneakers next to players who weren't even born when the 42-year-old made his NBA debut.

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    We'll see if Green can parlay his very successful offseason into his on the court play when the Warriors open up the preseason on Oct. 5 at Chase Center against the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Until then, keep cashing those checks, Dray.