Getting Their Kicks in Oakland

Josh Kenzar/Flickr

Competitors from all over the world will convene at the Oakland Convention Center in Oakland over the weekend, trying to outkick each other and claim the fame as the best in thw world of footbagging.

Who knew a tiny bean bag could be so much work? But two minutes of kicking a footbag, or as many might know it -- a hacky sack -- is exhausting, considering a competitor can cram 200 tricks into that short amount of time.

There's the "around the world," in which the foot circles the bag in mid-flight. Or the "dragonfly kick" in which you pass a leg over the footbag from in to out then jump -- ahhh, nevermind -- just watch the video. Youll get the idea.

The competition this weekend will be hot as those with fancy footwork try to outdo women's world freestyle champion Tina Aeberli. She hails from Switzerland but her name is known around the globe in the world of footbagging.

The IPFA started Monday but the finals are this weekend. Footbaggers will be showcasing their skills Friday and Saturday starting at 4 p.m. The closing ceremony is Saturday at 9 p.m.

Photo from Josh Kenzer via Flickr.

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