Giants Fan Billy Chamberlain Missing From AT&T

Billy Chamberlain isn't your normal Giants fan.

Best known as "Billy," the man seen above with Matt Cain is sometimes/mostly homeless, has hung around AT&T Park for years, making friends with players, coaches and the Giants staff, but is now missing from the stadium area.

Gwen Knapp of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote about this first in Tuesday's paper. "Everybody's been worried about him," Bochy told Knapp. "The fans who wait outside (to see players) have been asking about him."

The following day the SFPD put out a missing person's alert. See pdf here.

The flier said Billy was last seen Aug. 18 at a Giants game. It says he's been hanging out at 2nd and King Street for decades.

Bochy, per Knapp, has talked with Billy countless times and also provided tickets for the man. Billy also lived with security guard Orlando Green, off-and-on, over the past few years.

Green last heard from Billy at the beginning of August (when his cell phone went dead) and Chamberlain -- Billy's last name according to Green -- hasn't been seen around the park since late July.

The security guard has checked hospitals, jails and he "even checked the morgue" searching for Billy, but hasn't had any luck.

It would be a fantastic story if Billy, who Green says was on some sort of behavioral medication, returns to AT&T Park soon.

Or, hopefully, he's somewhere and doing OK.

If not, it's a very sad reminder that many things -- life, mainly -- are more important than winning and losing baseball games.

If you know where Billy is, the SFPD would like you to call Sgt. McAuliffe at 415-558-5508 or Doc at 415-553-1071.

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