Game #8: Warriors vs Twolves – Battle for the Bottom


And you thought it couldn't get worse than it is right now

Warriors (W-L):
Twolves (W-L): 1-5
Time: 7:30 PM PST
Radio: KNBR 680

If the Warriors can't beat the Twolves, turn the SNES off, take the cartridge out, blow on it, and stick it back in. Maybe it'll work better the next time.

Oh how much fun it is to be a Warrior fan. Makes you wish that good 'ol Dun Dun was back here just so we could have some more Funleavy Foto Fun to pass the next 13 years until we make the playoffs.

Two of the NBA's worst teams square off and it's going to be a great game to watch if you're a fan of bad basketball. Right now, the kiddies just aren't ready to play big minutes. Unfortunately, with Monta playing Evil Knievel, Harrington having some "injury", and Maggette taking his usual 10-12 games off, the kids are forced to play in larger roles than what they're capable of handling. And so we're left with ugly basketball. The kids will make a nice play every now and then but more often than not they'll make a mistake by missing a defensive assignment, turning the ball over, or just being in the wrong spot on offense. It's the best way to learn but not the best basketball to watch. I don't mind seeing 1 young guy play, but playing 4 non-NBA caliber players at once is quite painful. There's really no other option right now unless Mullin trades for Duncan, does a 3 way for Gerald Wallace, swings a deal for AI, or goes and gets JRich or Boom Dizzle. Wait, I have the perfect trade, Wright and Randolph for Kobe. But if they ask for Marco, it's too much.

FJ's Bitter Predictions

  • Grizzlies by 7
  • Al Jefferson vs Andris Biedrins = Battle for empty numbers
  • Don Nelson and a Monta Ellis suspension: Where Rob Kurz happens.
  • Now we get to see what happened behind closed doors at Laker practices. It's what you've been waiting for: Ronny Turiaf vs Mark Madsen. Not in basketball, I'm talking about dancing. I don't really know if they played together on the Lakers, I just imagine these two having a dance off. Oh the hilarity. My money is on the Frenchman.
  • Kelenna A-za-BOOOOO-ke dunks on somebody because he can.
  • I turn the tv off after halftime because my eyes turn backwards and refuse to watch anymore. Apologies if the recap only covers the first 24 minutes. 

Be sure to check out fellow SB Nation hoops blog, Canis Hoopus, for all your Twolves related inquiries. Their season can be summed up in the title of one of the posts there, "Pathetic". Also go see what birthday present Craig Smith got from CH.

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Let's have a contest. Who can predict the correct number. Just copy and paste the questions and input your answers:

- What's greater, the number of shots or points for Stephen Jackson?
- Which players scores the most points for the Twolves?
- Do any Warrior players get more than 3 assists? List them.
- True or False: Andris Biedrins grabs more boards than points he scores
- In what quarter does the game get interesting?
- Bonus trick question: (Number of minutes for Kurz - number of minutes for Turiaf  + the number of minutes for Wright + number of shots for Stephen Jackson + fouls for Andris Biedrins) * (the number of minutes for Monta)

Lastly, here's the lineup I'm waiting for. Nellie's All-Undrafted Team:

PG: CJ Watson
SG: DeMarcus Nelson
SF: Anthony Morrow
PF: Kelenna Azubuike
C: Rob Kurz

Can you tell I'm bitter that this season looks like it's being washed down the drain?

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