31 Arrests at 49ers' Home Opener

Santa Clara police said most of the offenses involved alcohol

Fans were mostly well-behaved at the San Francisco 49ers’ home opener at Levi's Stadium. Still, Santa Clara police arrested 31 people, most of them for alcohol-related offenses.

That's in line with previous arrest totals during games at Candlestick.

Sunday’s game was not the way the 49ers or their fans wanted to start the new era at Levi's Stadium.

Coach Jim Harbaugh talked Monday about the disappointing loss.

“Nobody feels really good about it,” Harbaugh said. “It’s a bad feeling to lose a game, no matter how you lose it, or the circumstances there were.”

Along with the loss, many fans were frustrated leaving Levi's. Some said they waited for three hours to get out of the parking lots. Others took matters into their own hands and drove their SUVs over grass and sidewalk just to get out.

The Bears won the game 28-20.

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