Stephen Ellison

Mixed Reaction to Kaepernick Controversy in His Hometown of Turlock

In the small, conservative Central California city where Colin Kaepernick grew up, people are questioning the hometown hero's controversial decision to sit during the national anthem.

Kaepernick was raised in Turlock from age 4 and graduated from Pitman High School, where he excelled in three sports. But the headlines he's made lately aren't scoring any points with many in the city of 72,000.

The barbershop Kaepernick frequented as a youth has removed his 49ers jersey from the wall, a local bakery has decided to stop making Kaepernick cookies, and a hot dog shop has removed the CK Dog from its menu.

"Some thought we should have it, some thought we shouldn't," owner Glenn Newsum said. "It was affecting business negatively, so we decided to remove it."

Others say while they may not agree with the Kaepernick's actions, they support his right to express himself. And some spots around Turlock are still proudly displaying his number.

"I'm still going to wear my jersey," said Elisa Trevino. "Some people are burning them, some are giving them away. I'm not going to give mine away. I'm still supporting him as a team player of the 49ers."

Belson Aghasi agreed.

"I hope he stands up for the national anthem ,and scores some touchdowns for us," he said.

Kaepernick and the 49ers were in San Diego on Thursday night for a game against the Chargers on Salute the Military night. The quarterback is scheduled to play -- and is expected to repeat his pregame national anthem protest.

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