Behind the Headphones: Michael Phelps Reveals Pre-Race Playlist

You may consider changing your workout playlist, that is if you want to train like the most decorated athlete in Olympic history.

During a NBC Olympics Facebook Live session Sunday, Michael Phelps disclosed to his fans what was blaring underneath his headphones during warmups and right before every race in Rio.

"My playlist was all over the place," Phelps said during the Facebook Live chat.

Rapping icon Eminem was Phelps' favorite choice, along with a wide range of electronic dance music and some country hits, whenever the 23-time gold medalist entered the Olympic Aquatics Stadium.

Just before Phelps headed for the blocks, the famous EDM remix "Promises" by Nero and Skrillex is what Phelps' turned on to crank up the adrenaline.

However, before Saturday night's 4x100-meter medley relay, Phelps was pumping "No Beef" by Afrojack and Steve Aoki.

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