Robinson Cano Pranks Yankees Fans on “Tonight Show”

Former Yankees all-star Robinson Cano is likely to get some boos when he returns to Yankee Stadium Tuesday night, so the slugger warmed up for the experience with the help of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” – and pranked some fans in the process.

In a clip played on Monday’s show, Cano hid in a cardboard display emblazoned with his face while Yankees fans booed the image. When they looked away to talk to an interviewer, the second baseman came out of hiding, and the fans changed their tune, guffawing and shaking Cano’s hand.

One fan booed the image for several seconds, even getting up next to the cutout and shouting in the mugshot's ear. When Cano popped out from behind the picture, the fan laughed and said “Listen, about that...”

Another was so startled at the sight of the player that he said, “I won’t actually boo you, I’ll be rooting for you to play well, but not win.”

Cano -- who left New York after signing a 10-year, $240 million contract with Seattle last offseason -- sat down with Fallon later in the show for an interview and said that he had fun seeing the fans’ faces after he appeared and hoped that he would get more ovations than boos at Yankee Stadium Tuesday night.

"The way I left New York, I left in a good way," Cano told Fallon. "I'll hopefully get a good standing ovation. But if it’s not I'm going to have fun. I'm still going to have some love for the New York fans, for all those years I was here. They were so patient and so kind to me, and I really want to thank them for that."

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