They Found Billy!

The San Francisco Giants found a welcome site when they arrived at Dodger Stadium this week. A lost fan named Billy was sitting at the parking lot gate.  That is Billy's normal hang out, but he's usually in the City.  This time he was in LA.

Billy Chamberlain has been a staple at AT&T Park for years. He is a semi-homeless man who loves the Giants. Now he knows the Giants love him right back.

The team, including players and coach Bruce Bochy have been spreading the news that they were worried about his well being because Billy suddenly disappeared from his daily visits back in August.

A coach with the Giants even filed a missing person's report.

But come to find out, Billy had moved to LA and just didn't tell anybody.

"It's good to know that he's healthy and doing fine," manager Bruce Bochy told

When beat reporters asked Billy why he moved, he simply said it was time. He is still homeless and said he didn't know anyone had missed him.

"I'm fine," Chamberlain told MLB. He ws reportedly wearing a Giants World Series hat and a FSN jacket, which was a gift from Giants announcer Duane Kuiper.

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