Usain Bolt Shares His Favorite “Bolt Babies” Photos

Everybody loves a cute baby. 

Well, these babies have a double-dose of cuteness. They are known as "Bolt Babies" because of their uncanny resemblance to Olympic champion Usain Bolt. 

With one air raised in the air, Arian Owen struck the "lightning bolt" pose while getting weighed at his doctor's office at just 7-weeks-old in Essex, England.  

The "Bolt Babies" were photographed -- most unintentionally -- doing the "lightning bolt," Bolt's signature celebratory pose. After receiving tweets with the hashtag #BoltBabies, Bolt tweeted some of his favorite hand raising victory poses on Monday.

He also gave some good advice.

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"Almost there.. little more practice.. Lol," Bolt tweeted to Jon Mulkeen along with a photo of his smiling daughter Amelie in a London 2012 Olympics jumper. Amelie was just 3-months old when this photo was taken and is now approaching her third birthday. 

"She'll take the feedback on board and will be sure to master it by the time of the 2036 Olympics when she wins gold," said Mulkeen.

Claire Malton tweeted a photo of her nephew George stretching and doing the "lightning bolt" at just 4-weeks-old. Bolt called him a future star.

A native of Jamaica, Bolt has been called the fastest person who's ever lived after he ran the 100-meter dash in 9.58 seconds in 2009 in Berlin. He is the first man to win six Olympic gold medals in sprinting. 

"It was quite surreal to see that Usain Bolt had replied and tweeted out the picture. I never imagined anything would come of it, but it seems little George has become an Internet sensation overnight," said Malton. 

Check out more of the "Bolt Babies" below. 

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