Warriors Broadcaster Reveals Story, Zaza Jokes ‘we Have Some Snitches'

Zaza Pachulia will soon head back to his home country of Georgia.

But before leaving, he found some time for a radio hit.

On Wednesday, he had the following exchange with Warriors TV broadcaster Bob Fitzgerald on KNBR 680.

Fitzgerald: "I want to tell a behind-the-scenes story that I didn't clear with you but hopefully you're OK with:

"Early last year ... there's a film session, and you don't speak that much during the film sessions -- you and David West are kind of the quiet professionals -- but you did speak up in this film session. I have this on pretty good authority.

"That guys were getting knocked down after layups and getting fouled, and you kind of said: 'How come our guys get knocked down and nobody goes to help pick them up? What's going on with the Warriors that we care about each other and love each other and we play for each other, when I see guys getting knocked around, how come nobody goes to help their teammates up?'"

Pachulia: "Wow."

Fitzgerald: "And I know from Steph and Klay and everybody kind of said, 'Hey, Zaza's right. What the hell we doing here?'

"And I started noticing all the games after that -- people hit the deck there were a bunch of Warriors to go help them up. What made you say something that day?"

Pachulia: "First of all, I can tell we have some snitches in the team (laughter from all). That's crazy...

"You just have to bring your presence basically, and honestly, this team is so good in knowing how to win and what it takes to win a championship, what it takes to be professional. There's not that much to say.

"But one little thing in talking about your teammate falling down and the whole team is running to him to pick him up, it shows how much we care about each other, it shows the unity, it shows the chemistry of the team.

"It's so important because it's something that you feel like if your teammate has your back, it's something that the opponent recogznies and sees it and sees how together we are on and off the court, and fans see it as well.

"It's a little thing but makes a huge difference...

"I'm still shocked. I'm gonna go back to my first comment. I'm still shocked ... gotta be careful moving forward (laughing)."

Pachulia started all 70 regular season games he appeared in last season, and is expected to be the Warriors' starting center again next season.

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