Warriors Will Be Fine — and No, They Shouldn't Sign Carmelo Anthony

On every Warriors Outsiders show, we do a simulcast on Facebook Live. Here are some questions and comments that we didn't get to address from the last couple shows.

But first, just a quick thought on Klay Thompson.

Over the last couple weeks, Drew Shiller and I have analyzed Klay's uncharacteristic poor shooting (for his standards) from deep. He's missing wide-open 3-pointers at a rate nearly 20 percent worse than last season. His late-game struggles also have hurt the Warriors in a few games in which they needed the dagger shot from him.

But despite all the inconsistency of his shot, Klay actually has excelled in other parts of his game.

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After attempting just 1.3 free throws per game last season, Klay has made an effort to draw fouls to closer rates from past seasons. This season, he's averaging 2.6 free throws per game, and they're coming in bunches. Last season, Klay attempted six or more free throws in just two of 73 games played. This season, on the other hand, he already has accomplished that feat in seven of 32 games played. It's clear he's making a concerted effort to be aggressive and attack the hoop, drawing contact and earning easy points.

Klay also is averaging a career high in steals this season at 1.2 per game. He has stolen the ball two or more times in 10 of the Warriors' 32 games. Last season, Klay had 13 such games out of 73 played.

While Klay's 3-point shot has faltered, his defense has not. That includes attacking the defensive boards. Klay is averaging a career-high 4.3 rebounds per game, way above his previous high of 3.8. He has secured seven or more rebounds in five of 32 games played this season, which ties the amount of games he accomplished that last season in 73 games played.

So, I'd say that Klay's "slump" is ONLY when shooting the 3-ball this season.

Now, to your questions and comments ...

Christopher Greg Permison: "Is the team in good shape ..."

YES. Definitely good shape. I assume you're talking about their overall state, and not their conditioning. Either way, they are.

The team finally is healthy again (sans DeMarcus Cousins), and I wouldn't be surprised if they made a good extended winning streak soon. Games like you witnessed Wednesday night in Utah always are bound to happen, especially when Draymond Green and Klay are struggling with their shot right now. I, as well as most people, expect them to break out of that soon and hit their stride. The effort is there, unlike a few games last season.

Juhara Balasabas: "So sad that the warriors are falling apart"

That couldn't be further from the truth. They are more than fine, and no one is worried on their end. See answer above.

Teresa Tasker: "A lot of basketball left"

Teresa is right. Listen to her. Everyone should check back in when the playoffs start before anyone freaks out over a 21-11 record.

Jennifer Murnin: "Let Carmelo in YO. Cousins might make an appearance in May."

No way, YO (did I use that correctly?) ... Carmelo Anthony is the antithesis of what the Warriors are looking for. He's an isolation player who no longer has the same burst as he did in his younger years, and while he has been a defensive liability his whole career, his defense practically is non-existent by now. Oh, and he isn't known for being the best locker-room guy either.

Boogie should be back in the next couple months unless there is some setback.

Yna Duque: "I miss DWest!"

The Warriors do, too. Not only for his presence in the locker room, but they sure could use his defense and stabilizing force in that second unit. But the Warriors and West made a decision that works best for both of them at the time and into the future, and it's time to move on.

Linda Montecino Chavarria: "Thank you Mr Lacob!! Taking care of our boys!"

Yup, as Drew wrote about Tuesday, Andre Iguodala said on a podcast the other day that the Warriors practically have no budgetary restraints when it comes to making sure their players are taken care of on the road. They stay at the nicest hotels, and are fed the best food throughout their time on the team. Some could say their travel budget is "light years ahead" of every other team ;-)

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