Warriors Would've ‘smoked' Raptors With Klay Thompson, Stephen A Smith Says

Truly blasphemous.

Steve Kerr recently told NBC Sports Bay Area that he doesn't expect Klay Thompson to return to the court this season in an exclusive interview.

The interview's content was brought up on ESPN's "First Take", and host Stephen A. Smith came in hot with one of his signature, emphatically-delivered takes.

"A healthy Klay Thompson, without Kevin Durant, they would have smoked Toronto."

I wouldn't necessarily classify this as a hot take, considering that many around the league were still confident in the Warriors after KD's injury. The Warriors were up three late in the third quarter of that infamous Game 6 before Thompson went down.

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However, the Warriors would still have had to go up to Toronto and win a Game 7 without Kevin Durant on the court, an incredibly tall task, especially considering the Raptors had Kawhi Leonard on the wing.

We'll never know because unfortunately we still live in a world without time machines, but the NBA season tips off Tuesday night so the Warriors can finally put an eventful offseason behind them and focus on simply winning basketball games.

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