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Tweet Reunites Homeless Man With Daughter



    Tweet Reunites Homeless Man With Daughter
    A Norwalk man used his iPhone to help catch the man who was breaking into his home.

    Twitter is not just for toppling governments, it's also for finding long lost family members.

    Just ask Daniel Morales of New York City who hadn't seen his daughter in 11 years before he found her on Twitter.

    Morales was given a prepaid cell phone to run his own twitterfeed as part of a project called Underheard in New York.

    It took Morales just three weeks to unlock the magic of social networking. Last Wednesday Morales posted his daughter's name along with a picture of her at 16.

    He also posted his number and asked anyone with information to give him a call. His daughter, who lives in Brooklyn, got word of the message and called her father the next day and scheduled a meeting.

    Morales plans to continue social networking to improve his life. He said he hopes Twitter can help him land a job next and then a place to live.

    "I pray I see a tweet saying, 'Danny, we have a place for you to stay and a job,'" he told the New York Daily News. "That would be so, so great. The Internet - I never knew it could be so great."