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ABC Teaches the iPad to Sync With Your TV Using Only Sound



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    ABC is showing that the iPad isn't out of new tricks yet. In a push to make TV more interactive with its app, ABC can sync your iPad to your TV just by using the iPad's built-in mic.

    So now, instead of just sitting there on your couch watching TV, you could also be finding out more about the characters, taking polls (fun!), and performing any manner of play-while-you-watch shenanigans. Because, really, you can never get enough media at once!

    What we think is coolest here is the simple ability of the iPad's to sync up with your television using sound. Will the idea of interactive TV get revitalized because of this? We doubt it. It'll be interesting to see if voting shows such as American Idol and America's Got Talent will include iPad voting submissions as well as calls and texts, but we doubt it'll go further than that.

    You can see a video demonstration of ABC's app from the company here.

    ABC, via Wired

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