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Al Jazeera Will Tweet the Revolution



    Al Jazeera Will Tweet the Revolution
    The new Al Jazeera Twitter dashboard. Photo: Maggie Osama on Flickr

    Arab nations everywhere are not going to be excited to hear that Al Jazeera is expanding its coverage into social media.

    The Qatar-based news agency, that some Middle Eastern leaders have blamed for uprisings in their countries, has launched a Twitter dashboard to track tweets about pending uprisings across the globe.

    The move to launch a Twitter dashboard, that will track the number of tweets about Yemen, Egypt, Libya and Bahrain, falls in line with Al Jazeera's drive to expand its coverage.

    Al Jazeera has seen its coverage of the uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia and now Libya draw the channel -- which is not carried on most American cable and satellite providers -- a new audience in the U.S.

    Some have flocked to the Internet or Al Jazeera's mobile app, which allows users to watch live streams of the channel's newscasts 24 hours a day.

    Other independent satellite and radio stations, such as Link TV and Pacifica, started airing newscasts from Al Jazeera. While mainstream outlets like MSNBC and CNN heavily relied on Al Jazeera cameras and reports to cover the uprising in Egypt.

    The station also made much of its content available for use by other web-based news organizations for free under a Creative Commons license.