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Apple Stumbles: May Halt Production of 27" iMac



    Apple Stumbles: May Halt Production of 27" iMac
    The iMac shows that Apple is mortal after all.

    For those of you who think we're always kissing Apple's ass, here's a story that does just the opposite.

    The company's had a serious problem with its 27-inch iMacs, with some users' screens flickering or flashing, or worse, taking on a yellowish tint. Apple's first reaction was to delay shipment of the units.

    Now we get into rumor territory, where we've heard that someone at Apple has finally yelled "stop the presses," halting the assembly line of the iMac 27-inch computer until these screen problems can be ironed out.

    There's even talk of a recall, something that could cost the company millions. With a little luck, Apple might be able to get by with the firmware update it released yesterday, but that fix reportedly addresses only the flickering problem, and not the yellow-tinted screens.

    Unfortunately, underneath Apple's sparkly design are components that are generally identical to those of ordinary PCs. Apple doesn't have some magic wand where it can grab products through a time machine from 20 years in the future. Every once in a while, these kinds of product defects remind us that Apple is a technology manufacturer, staffed by mere mortals.

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