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Steve Jobs Squashes "iPad Nano" Rumors, Disses Rival Tablets



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    Steve Jobs likes the iPad just fine the way it is.

    The iPad's 10-inch screen makes it almost as big as most laptops out there, and it's a size that a lot of competitors aren't going with for their own tablets. The sweet spot for hopeful rivals to the iPad seems to be seven inches, a screen size that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is calling "too small" to work for tablets.

    On a conference call covering Apple's record earnings as of late, Steve Jobs spoke some game about tablets and where he sees the iPad among its competitors. Mac Rumors jotted down some notes of what went down, writing:

    Commenting on avalanche of tablets heading to market. Just a handful of credible entrants. Almost all use 7" screen, compared to iPad at nearly 10" screen. 7" screen is only 45% as large as iPad's screen. Hold an iPad in portrait view and draw a horizontal line halfway down. What's left is a 7" screen...too small. There are clear limits to how close elements can be on the screen before users can't touch accurately. We believe 10-inch screen is minimum necessary.

    Doesn't sound like Jobs is too worried about other tablets stealing the iPad's thunder. It doesn't sound like he's too keen on releasing a smaller iPad, either, putting to rest some of those "iPad Nano" rumors that were picking up steam for a while.

    Also on Jobs's mind when it comes to tablet competitors? Apparently, it's harder to develop for Android than it is for the iPad, which makes sense, considering it's an argument of the many vs. the one. Also, Google's policy of open development is "disingenuous," to Jobs, who considers the platform "fragmented" instead. Take from that what you will — Apple's closed development policy hasn't hurt the company's sales, at least, if this record quarter is any indication.

    Via Mac Rumors