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Would You Pay $99 to Read Your Tweets?

Peek introduces a mobile device that only connects to Twitter



    Would You Pay $99 to Read Your Tweets?
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    Would you pay to read your tweets?

    How important is Twitter to you? Is it worth $199?

    Tuesday Peek introduced the TwitterPeek handheld device that keeps users connected to Twitter and nothing else. No web browsing. No email. Nothing but Twitter.

    Peep -- who consequently offer a similar device that does only emails -- hopes to tap into people who are obsessed with Twitter but who don't own an iPhone.

    And early reviews suggest the TwitterPeek experience doesn't offer too much different than your average mobile Twitter app.

    So why spend $199 for a lifetime plan or $99, and an additional $7.95 a month, to only read tweets when there are a variety of similar priced smartphones and comparable data plans that give you access to Twitter and the entire Internets? Maybe Peek is hoping there is a large segment of the population that haven't heard of smartphones.