BlackBerry Playbook May Be Verizon Bound

Is it just us or does it seem like Verizon is getting all the goodies this year? First the Droid Bionic, then the iPhone 4 and now it's expected to get the lightning fast BlackBerry PlayBook? Sounds like a plan to us!

A new advert page surfaced that suggests that America's "most reliable network" will be getting the QNX-powered BlackBerry PlayBook tablet very soon. First thought to be only available on the Sprint network (that's the other CDMA network in the U.S.), it's not shocking that a Verizon variant would be an easy decision for RIM.

If this is true, then Verizon is definitely getting what is expected to be part of the crème de la crème of all tablets this year. Will it have 4G LTE? Who knows, hopefully RIM takes a page from Motorola's Xoom and makes it 3G, upgradeable to 4G when ready.

Playbook Without Limits, via Engadget

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