Dell Reminds World It Exists Amid Apple Deluge

Adamo half as thick as MacBook Air

The date: 9/9/09. The next iteration of Dell's Adamo will be 9.99 millimeters thick. Cute right?

When talking about the Adamo it's only natural to bring up Apple, what with the Air being Dell's ultra-thin competition. On the notable date, however, Dell's announcement of an even thinner Adamo on the horizon seems like a "Hey, we're still here!" grab at attention on a day when all the blogs are reeling from an Applelanche.

I really wish I could say more about the Adamo — some ballpark specs or cool new features would be nice — but Dell isn't giving anyone anything to go off of. So there it is: pretty picture, thin laptop.

Adamo by Dell, via Crave

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