Finally, Eye Contact When Using Web Cam


Eye contact can make a huge difference in a conversation.

That's a weakness of webcams, which require you to look away from the lens if you want to see the person you're talking to.

That problem's solved by Iris 2 Iris, a device that's built like a Teleprompter, and lets you look directly into the lens while you're looking at the webcam image of someone's face at the same time.

The system has a Logitech webcam built in, and the company says it works with all PCs and laptops.

The problem is, this is one bulky unit to place on your desk. Couldn't this be miniaturized into a small prompter that clips onto the top of your existing monitor?

You could hide a webcam behind its one-way mirror and it would work beautifully. Like this SeeEye2Eye does.

Another benefit of a smaller setup: It would be a whole lot cheaper than the Iris 2 Iris's $2,443 price. Ouch.

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