Zuckerberg No iPhone Fanboy

Battery life, dropped calls annoy Facebook CEO

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg found that his RIM Blackberry and all its convenient buttons were hurting his thumbs, so he went out and bought an Apple iPhone.

After a few days, he then went out and bought four chargers and a landline "so I can keep it charged everywhere" and "actually make phone calls," respectively.


Yes, thanks to AT&T, even Facebook's CEO has to suffer with dropped calls like mere mortal iPhone owners. And thanks to all those wonderful applications at the App Store, there are new ways to drain your battery released for the iPhone every day.

All of which has Zuckerberg wondering what to do next. "I'll probably get the iPhone 4 if I don't switch to Android."

Which left Valleywag to offer the obvious good advice for Apple: "Get this Valley VIP a longer-lasting iPhone 4 (gratis and early) before he switches allegiance to your dreaded rival Google."

Jackson West figures RIM could win Zuckerberg back with an on-call thumb masseuse.

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