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Only in San Francisco

Psychiatrists to encounter street theater show



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    Flickr user bastique
    It's unlikely the Scientologists will be accepting any free hugs from Anonymous.

    The American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting in May looks to be a lot more interesting thanks to some only-in-San Francisco-style demonstrations planned.

    First, the Church of Scientology has planned to set up an anti-psychiatry booth next to the Moscone Center during the conference calling the medical practice "An Industry of Death."

    The project is sponsored by The Citizens Commission on Human Rights, an arm of the church that lobbies against the practice of psychiatry.

    However, a group of counter-protestors known as Anonymous got wind of the protest, and as part of Project Chanology will be staging a counter-protest.

    The Scientologists will the be the clean-cut, eerily creepy group. Anonymous will be the smaller group mostly dressed in black and wearing masks.

    If this is all a bit confusing or even a bit disturbing, you might want to make sure you took your meds today.

    The good news is that if it occurs to anyone in either of the protest camps that maybe they need help, some of the best psychiatrists in the world will be on hand. Photo by Flickr user bastique.

    Jackson West loves some good, no-holds-barred, street theater regardless if the humor value is intentional or otherwise.