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San Francisco Best, San Jose Also Good for Trick-or-Treating

Better stock up on bite-sized Mars Bars: the Bay Area is the best place to trick-or-treat.



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    Natalie Arnold
    She says, "Take me to San Francisco."

    Who said we weren't kid-friendly? They weren't making the list of best places to trick-or-treat in the United States, that's for sure.

    The Bay Area's not a bad place to knock on strangers' doors dressed as a serial killer and beg for candies, cookies, and other sweet treats, according to, makers of "The Trick-Or-Treat Index." In fact, it's the best.

    San Francisco is the trick-or-treatingest-friendliest city in the nation, according to the list. And San Jose did well, too: the South Bay tech capital is sixth on the list.

    The score on the index is based on a few predictable factors: home values, population density, a "walkability" score based on nearby amenities, and crime data.

    That means that with places like Pacific Heights -- full of ancient robber baron palaces and such -- San Francisco is a shoo-in. Losing the annual Castro District Halloween party also probably helped.

    San Jose is perhaps an odder addition -- with the spate of recent shootings, perhaps "a Kevlar vest [could be added] to that Angry Birds costume," the San Jose Mercury News observed.