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Where the Bard Meets Bart Simpson



    Where the Bard Meets Bart Simpson
    Shakespeare meets The Simpsons

    William Shakespeare's bloodiest tragedy has merged with TV's most dysfunctional family in an East Bay production.

    It's a theatrical mash-up that is part The Bard, and part Bart -- as in Simpson.

    "MacHomer" is the creation of Rick Miller who came up with the idea five seasons into the Simpson's televsion reign.

    For the 15 years since then, Miller has been giving Shakespear's MacBeth a unique voice in his one-man show. 

    Miller transforms a variety of characters from the Simpsons sit-com into the "MacHomer" production.

    It's back for a return engagement of a CalShake production at Orinda's Bruns Amphitheatre.

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    Miller says some of the Simpson characters are hard to mimic. Others are just hard on his throat.

    "I have a few lines with each of the characters because there's 50 Simpsons characters and I have to stuff them into a very short play," Miller said.

    "I thought wow I can do all these voices, I might as well, show off… put something together and that something, one dysfunctional family does another dysfunctional family stuck," Miller said.

    This is the 37th season for CalShakes, which will present the real MacBeth later this month.

    For now, MacHomer runs through the weekend.

    "Shakespeare fans they've seen everything, and this is something they haven't seen before, it's very different," Miller said.