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What Not to Wear, Oakland Style

Funniest, and wonkiest, April Fools joke in Bay Area blogs



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    Oaklanders have plenty of fashion sense, from the California College of the Arts students around Temescal to the hyphy styles of the east and west sides.

    But Oakland's City Council? Maybe not so much.

    A Better Oakland spent the day posting stills of video from city council meetings and commenting on the outfits worn by elected officials and even some members of the public.

    It is the most hilarious, engaging political commentary-slash-April Fool's joke in the Bay Area blogosphere today, especially coming from one of the more erudite and earnest Oakland policy wonks, blogger V Smooth.

    District 2's Pat Kernighan gets general praise for her looks, while Ignacio de la Fuente is rebuked for repeated eyewearviolations.

    As for possible mayoral candidates Jean Quan and Rebecca Kaplan? Well, Quan might want to cover up a bit, as it's "a City Council meeting, Jean. Not a garden party. Put on some sleeves."

    And Kaplan's "sporty" looks, with warmup togs and baseball hats, don't pass inspection. However, a simple jacket and collared shirt wins her praise for being "dressed completely appropriately."

    Do drop by to laugh along.

    Jackson West figures Ron Dellums would easily win any fashion-off.