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Fate of City's Only Rooftop Bar Remains in Limbo



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    People enjoy a night out at Medjool's rooftop bar in San Francisco.

    The fate of the City's only rooftop bar remains in the balance.

    The scheduled showdown between Medjool and the San Francisco Board of Appeals turned out to be much ado about nothing

    The board and bar owner Gus Muradagreed to postpone the conversation until the board's Dec. 16 meeting.

    Murad still could be fined up to $60,000 if he can't convince the board that his watering hole was not opened illegally.

    The problem began when Medjool caught a lucky break and a "typo" allowed 20 extra feet in height for the proposed development of another nearby building. The Board of Supervisors tried to fix the problem by Mayor Gavin Newsom, who is friends with Murad, vetoed the bill.

    In all the confusion a zoning ordinance was uncovered that showed bars and restaurants were banned from being above the second floor of a building in the neighborhood. The discovery made Medjool an illegal establishment.

    Since the battle has raged on between annoyed Buddhists (and several other more vocal neighbors to be fair) and rooftop adult beverage fans.