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Social Kitchen & Brewery Introduces Bottomless Beer Nights



    Social Kitchen & Brewery Introduces Bottomless Beer Nights
    "There isn't a clear definition," Councilwoman Nora Campos said. "The law is very vague and its important for us to have a law that's defined so it protects the police officer making the arrest, as well as the citizen."

    We first mentioned the interactive beer events Rich Higgins is plotting for Social Kitchen and Brewery in March, and now he's ready to unfurl Köln Nights and Düsseldorf Nights, starting next Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

    Higgins is envisioning a mezzanine gathering wherein revelers "do not wait with an empty glass or worry about flagging down a server to order another" thanks to pourers continually circulating throughout. In keeping with the traditions of both German cities,

    Köln nights mean stanges filled with Social Kölsch (4.8% ABV) and Düsseldorf events usher in Higgins' Old Time Alt (4.5% ABV). Each glass of beer is $3; and final tallies will be offered when the guest closes his or her check, reminiscent of the pay-by-the-ounce carafe system at Frances.

    The Köln and Düsseldorf Nights will last from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. every Monday and Tuesday; and for the first hour, gratuitous German appetizers like obaster cheese spread, sausages and pretzels will be doled out to the masses. Please do let us know if these gatherings are as magical as they sound.

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