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Taylor's Automatic Has a New Name



    Taylor's Automatic Has a New Name
    photo via: Flickr/Marshal Astor
    Taylor's Automatic at the Ferry Building. Photo via: Flickr/Marshal Astor

    If you tried to drop in to any one of the three Taylor's Automatic Refresher locations Tuesday afternoon for a Wisconsin Sourdough Burger and some sweet potato fries, you were probably disappointed to find out it was closed after 3 p.m. for an all-staff meeting (including the Napa location, who we hear are busiest on their Tuesday Local's Night).

    On a related note, an anonymous tipster says all locations will be throwing "customer appreciation" parties with free grub this Friday from 6 - 8 PM, at which they'll be dropping some big news, which may have something to do with the announcement on the restaurant's website.

    The site for Taylor's Automatic Refresher started redirecting to Gott's Roadside where a letter from owner's Joel and Duncan Gott lets us know that they're rebranding due to legal reasons. Although our tipster from this morning sent along updates that with the rebranding comes an expansion to the East Bay and possibly some tourist locations (Disney? Vegas?). New signs and uniforms are being rolled out.

    Friday's "Customer Appreciation Party" still promises free grub, drinks, and live music. It's a little bit sneaky with the rollout, but you never know what is and isn't some kind of viral marketing campaign these days.