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Berkeley's Ferry Plan Hedges on the Next Big Quake

East Bay city plans to move forward with a ferry terminal despite protests



    A man enjoys a day of windsurfing in the bay.

    Berkeley is betting on the next great quake.

    The politically quirky East Bay town is going forward with plans to build a ferry terminal to connect itself to the City despite protests.

    "When, not if, the Hayward Fault lets loose, this will be an ideal way to get people around the bay," City Councilman Laurie Capitelli told the San Francisco Chronicle.

    That is not calming the waves from angry windsurfers who are complaining the $57 million terminal will block their favorite launching spot. The city council voted last month for the project on the condition that it did not disrupt the windsurfers' waves.

    But all is not lost for the windsurfers. The plan still needs to go through a final environmental impact report that needs to be approved and won't be ready until early next year.

    Construction would not start until the end of next year of the plan is approved by the Water Emergency Transportation Authority, which is funding the project.