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Condos are the Answer for Ocean Avenue



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    Ocean Avenue in San Francisco could have some more major changes coming.


    If all the votes fall in place, Balboa Park will be the next area to turn into a "transit village" complete with dense housing, retail, and the must-have lingering latte sipper (college students included!).

    The Balboa Park Station Area plan, which has been brewing for almost a decade now, will go to the Board of Supes Land Use Committee today with a recommendation that it go to the full Board for approval.

    The heart of the plan: turning current Muni bus layover Phelan Loop (site of a charming message to the Google satellites) into a public plaza, with a new mixed-use building next door. All told, we're talking as much as 1,780 new housing units and a ton more of commercial development.

    Nearby projects currently in the pipeline: the new Ingleside branch library, and a 175-unit mixed-use apartment building at 1150 Ocean Ave, site of a Kragen Auto Parts.

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