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Condos are the Answer for Ocean Avenue



    Condos are the Answer for Ocean Avenue
    Ocean Avenue in San Francisco could have some more major changes coming.


    If all the votes fall in place, Balboa Park will be the next area to turn into a "transit village" complete with dense housing, retail, and the must-have lingering latte sipper (college students included!).

    The Balboa Park Station Area plan, which has been brewing for almost a decade now, will go to the Board of Supes Land Use Committee today with a recommendation that it go to the full Board for approval.

    The heart of the plan: turning current Muni bus layover Phelan Loop (site of a charming message to the Google satellites) into a public plaza, with a new mixed-use building next door. All told, we're talking as much as 1,780 new housing units and a ton more of commercial development.

    Nearby projects currently in the pipeline: the new Ingleside branch library, and a 175-unit mixed-use apartment building at 1150 Ocean Ave, site of a Kragen Auto Parts.

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