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Get Paid to Live in San Francisco



    Get Paid to Live in San Francisco
    You didn't have to pay us to live in San Francisco, but if you want to we're not complaining.


    Rents may continue to resist the unceasing tug of gravity here, but that doesn't mean landlords can't toss in carrots elsewhere. Say, practically waiving the deposit, as some apartment management companies are doing.

    Or a slight variation on that, as with Mosser Companies: offering free money! Notes the Craigslist ad for the Bon Aire Apartments in the Tenderloin: "SPECIAL OFFER... WE PAY YOU TO LIVE WITH US!!!! Receive a check for $1000 after signing a 12 month lease with Mosser Companies. THATS RIGHT $1000." THATS RIGHT. Call in the next hour! Operators are standing by.

    Check out the full Craigslist ad here.

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