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Winged Goldfish Card

Plus, kitchen beauty secrets and what to do with all those cocktail rings



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    Heeeere fishy fishy!

    WRITE ON FISH: Why write on a regular piece of stationery when you can write on a goldfish with wings? Check out that piece ($4.75) and the other bizarrely beautiful designs from San Francisco resident Maia of DandyLionPress.

    EAT YOURSELF PRETTY: Learn about the beauty secrets that lie within your cupboard tonight at 6:30 p.m. at ITK Culinary in Sausalito. You'll also be able to buy beauty products from amea Skindividuals for 20% off retail prices. [Yelp]

    RING, RING: You know how obsessed we are with cocktail rings (it's to the point where we wish we had more fingers so we could buy more of them). Here's a fun thing to do with the ones that are at the bottom of your jewelry box: make a necklace. [Glamwatch]