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Netflix Plays Twitter's Game

Neil Hunt speaks with Press: Here



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    Netflix won't give a straight answer on whether they will stream to a Wii or a Playstation near you.

    So Twitter won't tell us whether they are selling or not and now Netflix has begun its own game of making bloggers guess its next move.

    The Los Gatos-based company has been rumored to be talking with Nintendo and Playstation to stream its movies through the video game consoles, much like it does with Microsoft's Xbox 360.

    Neil Hunt, the chief product officer of Netflix, sat down with Press: Here on Sunday and played hard to get when a team of journalists tried to pin him down about whether a deal with Nintendo or Sony was imminent.

    "Of course were always investigating new technologies," he said. "I've got to exploring. No commitments to what or when."

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    When pressured to give a straight answer, Hunt took a page straight out of Twitter's Google denial book and continue to play with techies emotions.

    "I have teams exploring lots of different things," he said.

    Check out the full interview on Press: Here's Web site.