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Turn Over a New Leaf at Bloomers

Bay Area fashionista introduces us to Bloomers



    Turn Over a New Leaf at Bloomers
    Bloomers in San Francisco.

    Deep in the heart of San Francisco's Pacific Heights is a hub for the intuitively talented designers who apply their expertise to produce displays of opulent floral creations. 

    To the point, this well-known San Francisco shop is named Bloomers.

    Seemingly simple combinations of luxurious flowers come to life in this casual, renowned workshop tucked amid some of the City’s most pristine Victorians.

    Best described as an urban greenhouse, Bloomers is famous for exhibiting fresh, lush, flowers along with vibrant greens grouped together and ready to do diligence as supporting scenery.

    Notable sophisticated creations can range from a mix of exotic, rare stems to an assemblage of familiar, local, in-season blossoms. When completed, each work of art receives a visual stamp of approval before leaving Bloomers.

    The ambience in Bloomers is sublimely serene as only the subtle scent of fresh flowers can conjure up, a visit is a guaranteed quick fix to sweep the doldrums away or just to evoke inspiration.

    Bloomers is not just a marketplace for nature’s natural beauty, they also offer a substantial selection of collectible baskets, a variety of rustic to refined containers, attractive linear glass vases, as well as an assortment of artistic greeting cards and rolls of unique ribbons

    Whether its a festive soiree in need of an impressive centerpiece, a bouquet for the hostess or a prom date in need of a stunning corsage, Bloomers won’t disappoint.

    This well-established floral design firm continues to gain notoriety as one of the most renowned floral shops in San Francisco.

    Treat yourself. Stop in and smell the flowers!

    Bloomers - 2975 Washington St. in San Francisco, 415-563-3266 - www.bloomerssf.com

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