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Most Ridiculed "24" Character Ever Finally Killed Off




    For a lot of "24" fans, the ridiculous Katee Sackhoff character just had to go. Jack Bauer finally finished her off with a pistol in last night's episode as millions silently cheered from their couch.

    While Dana Walsh is a talented actress, her CTU mole on the show was widely criticized and had the show's creators on the defensive.

    Walsh told EW.com that she didn't realize her character was causing such a violent reaction among fans of the show as it heads along on its final season. "I learned a long time ago not to read (the feedback)," she says. "It's counterproductive to doing your job."

    "I respect the fans and I respect their opinions, but it's sad that they're not happy when it's the last season."

    The loss of Katee Sackoff will make it a lot easier to be happy. Because what good is Jack Bauer saving the world if this character still lives in it?