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Cops Use Mobile Technology to Identify Suspects



    Romana Roman (R) and Jeffery Ange of Gilroy.

    Morgan Hill detectives are using new technology to identify criminals.

    On January 22, 2011, detectives stopped a vehicle driven by Jeffery Ange, 44, of Gilroy, and his passenger "Madeline Alfaro." Ange was arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

    During the stop the detectives discovered Alfaro had no identification. The detectives used a new department mobile device that captures the suspects fingerprint, sends it to the county's database, via cellular service, and determines if the suspect has ever been arrested.

    In this case, the print showed that  "Madeline Alfaro" was in fact, Romana Roman, 41, of Gilroy, and on active probation out of Santa Clara County.

    Detectives also discovered 16 grams of crystal meth, over 100 grams of marijuana, and a substance believed to be an ingredient for meth.

    Both suspects were arrested on drug charges.