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Juror Selection in Mirkarimi Trial Continues

Pre-trial business rolls along, in Mirkarimi case.



    Jodi Hernandez

    Only a few of the 150 potential jurors who were brought in today,  were excused. The rest filled out questionnaires before being sent home.

    Those who were not dismissed will return on Friday, when the actual interview process begins. The 88 jurors from the first juror pool will report back for interviews on Monday.

    The deadline for the D.A.'s office to file their opposition to Eliana Lopez's lawyers request to have the video tape removed from evidence, is at 4:00 p.m. today.

    Lopez's lawyer will then have 24 hours to file their response to the D.A.'s appeal.

    On Friday, the judge will make his decision on whether or not to allow the video tape, however the loser of that argument can then appeal to the state court of appeals.

    There will also be a closed-door hearing, on Friday, to determine if a domestic violence expert from Berkeley will be allowed to testify.

    There is no deadline for the D.A.'s office to respond to the change-of-venue filing.