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Passage of School Tax Prop. 30 Sparks Protests, Promises For Fee Reductions

Prop. 30 passage means students' fees go down, but UC students want to make sure.

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    Students at UC Berkeley paint signs and protest in the wake of Prop. 30. Even though the tax measure passed on Tuesday, students are demanding a greater piece of the pie. They don't want tuition costs to rise. (Published Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012)

    Voters approved Prop. 30 tax increases to fund schools on Tuesday.
    But on Thursday, students at California State University and the University of California at Berkeley were out protesting - despite the call for no midyear budget cuts - because they want a rollback in tuition and insurance that they will get a piece of the Prop. 30 pie.
    Students at Cal and San Jose State University, for example, chanted about  the overall trend in rising tuition fees and reduced courses and services. Many were demanding a rollback in tuition. And despite Prop. 30 saving them from higher costs this year, the students, many who campaigned for Prop. 30, said  they don't want increases to be added in the years to come.

    PhD student Charlie Eaton said: "A centerpiece of the campaign for Prop. 30 was that it would stop tuition hikes. That's not enough. We've got to roll tuition back."

    Since Prop. 30 was approved, California's state sales tax will increase by .25 percent and income taxes on people making over $250,000 will also go up. The taxes are estimated to raise as much as $6 billion for the state's public schools. Passage of Gov. Jerry Brown's tax increase kept the CSU and UC systems from losing $250 million each in state funding. That means CSU students will receive a $249 tuition-hike refund, and UC undergraduates will not have a double-digit tuition increase, according to the Bay Area News Group.
    But universities aren't expected to see a windfall of tax money, only that they won't see severe cuts. They plan to show up at a UC Regents meeting next week to make their voices heard.  It's also possible that CSU trustees next week might approve new student fees.

    Brown: Prop. 30 Marks "Clear, Resounding Victory" For Calif. Kids

    [LA] Brown: Prop. 30 Marks "Clear, Resounding Victory" For Calif. Kids
    Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday celebrated the success of his Proposition 30, which would tax high-income earners and raise the state sales tax with money going toward California public schools. Robert Kovacik reports from Sacramento for the NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on Nov. 7, 2012. (Published Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012)

     Students told NBC Bay Area on Wednesday that they were out in force to ensure that the new tax money would indeed be spent on education, specifically, their universities, and if not, they are planning a widespread student protest in the spring.

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