Raiders Richard Seymour Voted One of the NFL's Meanest

Players poll pick the Raiders defensive lineman as No. 4 meanest player in the league

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    Richard Seymour was voted one of the meanest players in the league by his fellow players.

    If there is any doubt, just ask Tom Brady what he thinks about Richard Seymour.

    Off the field, the Raiders defensive lineman is said to be one of the nicest guys around but on the field, Seymour is known as one of the meanest players there is.

    Seymour was voted the fourth meanest player in the National Football League by the players themselves.

    The former New England Patriots' player showed his mean streak when he played his old team in Oakland.

    Seymour was fined $7,500 for throwing Brady to the ground just for the sake of throwing him to the ground.

    The only players voted meaner than Seymour were Ndamukong Suh, Ray Lewis and James Harrison.