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Saving the Planet One Square Inch of Paper at a Time



    Police say that a man entered a Wells Fargo in Cupertino, forced his way behind the counter, and left with an undisclosed amount of cash.

    Wells Fargo is taking paper conservation to a new level by taking away the need for those tiny ATM receipts.

    You could say the idea is green gone wild, or you could say it makes sense to save paper wherever you can, even if the savings comes one square inch at a time.

    Wells Fargo says if 20 people refused to print an ATM receipt at each ATM across the country, it would save enough paper to circle the world nearly six times.

    The bank launched the first ever service that give its customers the option to have the receipt sent to an on line banking account or a personal e-mail address. 

    It's available at all branches. Just follow the prompts the next time you are at the ATM.

    The bank sees it as another opportunity to help customers cut down on paper.  It also has the added benefit of keeping track of your transaction on line.

    "E-receipts are an important tool for customers to help keep track of their transactions and manage their accounts," Jonathon Velline said.

    Wells Fargo was also the first bank to go to envelope-free ATM's back in 2002.  They have been taking cash and checks through the ATM door for eight years.