Tech Entrepreneurs Have Big Ideas... For Burning Man

The best and brightest of the tech industry are getting ready to burn.

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    Josh Keppel
    File photo.

    Tech, meet playa.

    Silicon Valley's best and brightest have big ideas for this year's Burning Man, according to Slate.

    The festival of 60,000-plus free spirits in the Nevada desert -- which such luminaries as Elon Musk, the Tesla founder, have claimed "is Silicon Valley" -- will have some new accoutrements this year thanks to the tech industry, the site reported.

    They'll include Camp Bitcoin, a camp intended for lovers of crypto-currency, as well as some more interesting things even a Luddite could grok.

    That'd be vehicles like "The Zeppelin," a "massive airship made of color and light" designed by an ex-Google employee named Casey Ho.

    There's also a "lightning-spewing party dome" and a reprise of the pirate ship seen at older Burning Mans, the Web site reported.

    So if you enjoy a wondrous Burn this year -- thank a tech bro. Or girl.