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The Milky Way to Juvie Hall

Empty juice, milk boxes lead to thirsty suspects



    Cops followed the trail of empty juice and milk boxes right to the kids -- about 20 empty boxes within five feet of the suspects.

    Empty milk and juice boxes spelled the end of freedom for four teenagers whose thirst landed them in juvie hall over the weekend.

    The three 15-year-olds and a 14-year-old are getting a taste of the legal system after they allegedly broke into a high school cafeteria and stole juice and milk, the Vallejo Times reported.

    A tipster called cops and said they saw the foursome throwing rocks at a window of Hogan High School and trying to kick in a door at the school at about 3 a.m. Sunday.

    They might have gotten away with it if they had just tossed the empty containers into the trash. Instead, the cops followed the trail of empty boxes -- about 20 of them -- to within five feet of the kids. They were booked into Solano County Jail on suspicion of burglary.

    It's not the first time these kids are getting a first-hand lesson in the law. All four were on probation at the time of the alleged burglary.