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Two Arrested in 2012 San Jose Bikini Bar Slaying

Vallejo man shot by strangers following a "minor" argument.



    Mug shots of Thierry Truong (left) and Hau Pham (right)

    The two men authorities say killed a Vallejo man outside a now-closed North San Jose bikini bar last year are in custody -- and could be behind bars for life, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    Joe Patrick Miranda, 29, was exiting Alo #1 on Oct. 12 when he got into a "minor" argument, the newspaper reported.

    He was shot and killed by Thierry Truong, 34, according to investigators, who arrested Truong last week.

    Hau Pham, 26, who is alleged to have driven the vehicle in which Truong escaped, has been charged with accessory after the fact -- and since Pham was a parolee, he could be sent behind bars for life, the newspaper reported.

    Prosecutors say Miranda was shot by Truong after arguing with someone else outside the bikini bar, which was operating in an "industrial complex" in the South Bay city, the newspaper reported.

    "Without warning, Truong" -- who did not know Miranda -- allegedly killed him, the newspaper reported.